In my therapeutic work with clients I use evolutionary astrology and regression therapy.

Evolutionary astrology sheds light on life’s many experiences by placing them against the backdrop of the larger perspective of the evolution of the soul. It parts from the idea that the soul on its path away from and back to Source creates many lives, many personalities, who may or may not be aware of what their soul seeks to achieve through them. To understand one’s life from this larger perspective of the soul is one of the most profound insights a human being can acquire. One’s life tends to gain depth as the broader perspective of the soul’s intentions comes into view. Invariably people describe the experience as ‘deeply meaningful.’

When the origin of trauma lies in a distant past, as it often does, no amount of talking, however well-intended, can reach it. The trauma – whether its origin lies in early youth, in the perinatal experience, in pregnancy, around the moment of conception, prior to that as the soul makes its descent into matter, or in past lives – needs to be relived and worked through therapeutically.

Regression therapy  is not engaged in out of curiosity. It is not past-life tourism. There is a reason we don’t remember our past lives the way we do yesterday. Regression therapy  is a most powerful tool when something, whose origins you can’t seem to get to, is keeping you in a stuck place and is affecting large areas of your life, whether it be professional or personal. No hypnosis is used in regression therapy. As you re-eperience the past, or, more accurately, memories of the past, you are at all times fully aware of where you are, with whom you are (i.e. the therapist) and what is happening. With one leg in the now and the other in the past, you yourself start making the connections and severing the ties that kept you bound to something that belongs in the past and not in the present.