“A passionate astrologer with a particular interest and expertise in evolutionary astrology. I worked with him on Skype very successfully. Michael speaks several languages but thankfully no astro babble!
I certainly recommend his consultancy.

Michaelle Wynn Jones, 2012


“I would highly recommend an astrology session with Michael to everyone who is interested in receiving deep knowledge and awareness about their true essence, appearance in life and their way of relating (to others).

It’s not like any other regular astrology session in my opinion. It was nothing less than a life-changing event for me which provided me sharp insights and clarity. Michael is someone who is not only a smart and knowledgable guy, but he also has a strong intuition. He is a pleasant and friendly guy to talk with, probably also because he comes across as sincerely interested and has the rare quality of true listening, without projecting in his replies.”

Marnix, August 2018


“Wat ben ik blij dat ik twee online sessies – EA consult + follow-up – met je gehad heb. Je gaf me een heldere en treffende weergave van de achtergrond van mijn ziel. Hierdoor heb ik begrepen waarmee de diepe pijnplekken en worstelingen in mijn huidge leven te maken hebben. Mijn enorme dank om, op integere en warme wijze, de thema´s die in mijn huidige leven aan de orde zijn ontrafeld te hebben.”

“I am so glad I had these two sessions with you – my EA consultation and the follow-up one. You gave me a clear and remarkable insight into my soul story, allowing me to understand the travail and difficulties I encounter on my path in this life. Thank you for doing this with such warmth and integrity.”

K.A., December 2018


“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my yesterday consultation with you. I was amazed how well this Zoom software works! You were in Spain and I was in Holland but our chat was very cozy and easy. I had all my notes at my desk to look at when I needed to and must say also that I found it very easy after the consultation that I did not need to drive home. I was already there and could think quietly about all what have been said. I am looking forward to watch the recording of my consultation again. Once again, thank you very much and till next time.”

Adriana Bertolozzi, December 2018