About me

My name is Michael De Baker. This is not who I am. It is what I have been named. I, like you, am a divine spark having a learning experience inside a human body, inside a casing made of flesh and bones. My soul travels on the divine in- and out breadth, the great cosmic bellows issuing forth a thousand sparks.

Having said that, what I can tell you about the soul’s instrument that goes by the name of Michael De Baker, is that it likes silence, music, especially Bach and Mozart, empty fields, fields with cows in them, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Tao, getting up really early, and a few things more.

The vehicle called Michael De Baker studied music, followed by educational science, a bit of neuropsychology, hypnosis, regression therapy and evolutionary astrology. None of that has any meaning. When the body whithers and dies, all that remains is the one question: was there compassion in your life? Did you care? Did you act where you could have looked the other way and chosen the path of indifference? With my upbringing, schooling and education negated, I am learning. Slowly but surely.