Evolutionary Astrology

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

(consultations are possible in English, Spanish or Dutch)

The therapeutic form of evolutionary astrology that I practice seeks to understand life’s many experiences against the backdrop of the larger view the soul has of its own growth.

Consultation instead of reading

An appointment with me is not an astrological reading in the traditional sense where I explain the chart to you, highlighting your weaknesses and strengths. I part from the idea that you already know those since you have to live with yourself on a daily basis. As do I, for that matter. You are the expert in your own strengths and weaknesses. What you perhaps don’t know yet would like insight in is where in your life the greatest potentiality for growth lies understood against the backdrop of your soul’s intentions. Why you have experienced or are experiencing certain things in your life may make much sense from your soul’s perspective yet very little from yours. This larger perspective for many clients already heals.

Rather than impart these insights from a place of knowledge however, or from that of the therapist who has all the anwers, in our meeting I come to you in a state of not-knowing. I have done my astrological preparation and I have done it thoroughly. In fact, I have done it so thoroughly that I can forget about the chart and focus on you, the person. The meeting of two souls that is a consultation with me is not about your astrological chart. It is about your life. I bring my life experience, my listening skills developed over many years of working as a regression therapist and evolutionary astrologer. But above all I bring an authentic wish to help you with the issues you are grappling with.

So rather than long explanations and advice, you can expect much listening leading to carefully chosen and formulated questions. There will come a moment in our consultation where the level of trust and openness of exchange may become so intense that what you sought to obtain from it percolates through the filter of words, shining through as self-evident, in no need of further comment.


I am available via SKYPE for consultations. For those clients who wish to receive a (free) HD full-color video recording of their consultation, I use Zoom. You can download Zoom here  https://www.zoom.us/signup 

(Clients who do not wish to make use of Paypal can contact me at michaeldebaker896@gmail.com and request to be sent a bank account number)

(DUTCH: cliënten die geen gebruik wensen te maken van Paypal kunnen een e-mail sturen naar michaeldebaker896@gmail.com met het verzoek een Nederlands banknummer toegestuurd te krijgen)

Evolutionary Astrology Consultation

Initial astrology consultations are 1 hour and 30 minutes and are done via SKYPE or ZOOM

Payment is required three days in advance of the reading. Reading fee currently stands at $200. Michael will contact you to schedule once your payment is received.


I have been getting requests for  “walk-thru” consultations like the one I did for the chart of Prince Charles in my (2018) May 26th and June 2nd EA Zoom Meetings. These requests mainly come from astrologers wishing to lay bare the story of the soul in a step-by-step fashion in an attempt to delve deep into certain signatures (and, in some cases, so gain a deeper understanding of for example the intercepted and duplicated signs in their chart or indeed any other salient feature). Since this kind of in-depth chart analysis is very time-consuming, requiring significantly more preparation than does a standard Evolutionary Astrology Consultation, the price has been set at $250.

Evol.Astr.Walk-thru Consultation

Ongoing Counseling

I offer ongoing counseling for those clients wishing to further explore the main issue(s) that came up in the astrology reading. Ongoing counseling therefore is not an extension of your initial astrology reading but a deepening of it. Clients tend to benefit from a series of three to four sessions. One-hour session is $150.

Ongoing counseling is possible within 3 months of an astrology reading. For ongoing counseling requested after this three-month period, another astrology reading would be required to be able to offer ongoing counseling.

Ongoing Counseling

Relationship Consultation

Here we explore what has brought two people together and what karmic issues the relationship is trying to work out. This need not always be partners. You may wish to know what karmic ties exist between you and a spouse, a brother or sister, a friend, or indeed a child. Written permission from this second person is always required for relationship consultations. I will ask you to facilitate the person’s contact data, upon which I will contact them myself to obtain their permission. Please do not proceed to payment until I let you know I have received said permission. (contact me first by sending an email to michaeldebaker896@gmail.com

A 90-minute session is $320 with one of the two people in attendance. With both in attendance the fee is $380.

Relationship Counseling

Scheduling (changing) an appointment

I will contact you to schedule your appointment once payment has been received. Alternatively, you may wish to contact me first and then proceed to payment. For all sessions, whether they be one-off astrology readings or ongoing counseling ones, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for changing an appointment. Any changes to appointments already made ocurring at a shorter notice than 24 hours will be charged in full.

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