Regression Therapy

What is regression therapy?

Regression therapy parts from the idea that unresolved trauma whose origins lie in the past (early youth, birth, pregnancy, conception, prior lives) can be at the root of a multitude of emotional, psychological and/or physical problems experienced in the present.

By revisiting and reexperiencing the trauma, and intervening therapeutically, symptoms experienced in the present often disappear.

Who is regression therapy for?

First of all, let me say you don’t need to believe in past lives for regression therapy to work. Belief has nothing to do with it.¬† This is not talk therapy. It is experiential therapy that goes beyond the cognitive. Furthermore it is not my job to convince anyone of the existence or non-existence of prior lives. I am not a philosopher but a therapist whose stated aim is not to be proven right but to help people.

With that out of the way, we can say who benefits most from regression therapy: those suffering from depression, anxiety, all kinds of fears and phobias, relationship problems, problems of a sexual nature, and a host of physical ailments.

Who is regression therapy not for??

Regression therapy does not work with

  1. people who, for whatever reason, are incapable of experiencing emotions
  2. people on antidepressants
  3. people who are sent by others and therefore lack the necessary motivation to start therapy
  4. people who are psychotic, paranoid, schizophrenic etc.

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The following informative film on regression therapy may give you an idea of what it is about and whether you would benefit from it